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IB Middle Years Programme 

Through exploration of eight subject areas, Mountain Ridge students advance in their studies and their personal growth. The IB-MYP challenges learners to keep an open mind, increase self-confidence, make ethical decisions, and celebrate diversity, skills and behaviors valuable for life. 

Comprehensive Curriculum 

Coursework is a blend of IB-MYP Programme objectives and Colorado academic standards. Students are required to study language and literature, mathematics, Spanish or French, societies, sciences, arts and other areas that are carried over into high school IB programmes for continuity of learning. 

Interactive & Engaging 

Real-world, complex situations require more than textbooks and lectures. Outside of traditional assignments, students learn through open-ended problem solving and investigations, debates, hands-on experimentation, and other activities developed by teachers and students together. 

Options for All 

Inclusive and welcoming, Mountain Ridge supports all learners. Talented and gifted, special education, affective needs, career and technical as well as other programs are part of Mountain Ridge’s mainstream education. This approach allows students the opportunity to learn and gives them social space to recognize and respect each other.

High-Altitude Academics 

Like other district middle schools, Mountain Ridge participates in High Trails. Over four days and three nights, students earn hands-on experience understanding the relationships among history, geography, earth, life and space sciences through a camp-like atmosphere in an outdoor classroom. 

Plugged In 

Mountain Ridge practices global citizenship in the digital age through personalized and diverse learning opportunities. With their own devices or a school-provided devices, students dive deeper into subjects either learning about or developing technology, all while refining 21st century communication skills.