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A Welcoming Campus 

Mountain Ridge is very much a family-oriented school, where all the dimensions of diversity are celebrated – ethnicity, experience, learning styles, philanthropy and more. Collaboration across campus, staff, teachers and families help ensure kids learn to respect each other no matter what. 

Relationships Matter 

Relationships are important at Mountain Ridge because of how children grow from child to young person in middle school. Trusted relationships, many of which become lifelong, are purposefully developed  to support as students think for themselves, speak up, ask questions, and develop communication skills.  

IB Middle Years Programme 

The IB-MYP challenges learners as they advance academically and in their personal growth. Studies include language, literature, sciences, arts, societies and more. Problem solving, debates, experimentation and hands-on work offer real-world experiences with education. 

Having Their Say 

Students have an open door to propose ideas and share their voices. If they can dream it, we help them achieve it. We listen, collaborate and take input from students to adjust styles, coursework and direction. Individuals from all grade levels make up the student leadership, which meets regularly with staff. 

Education That’s Extra 

As adults, we get to find our passions, and kids need to the same. By participating in extracurriculars,  Mountain Ridge students explore interests that enhance academics. Along the way, accountability is learned and serves as motivation to show up – in body and in mind.  

Safety All Around 

Safety means emotionally safe, too, at Mountain Ridge. Students learn it’s safe to reach out to teachers, counselors, principals and each other. Peer groups known as WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) help mentor incoming sixth graders and offer a safe place throughout the middle school years.