Welcome This is an example of a sharepoint teacher website

​This site is intended for MRMS Teachers.  This is an example of a D20 MRMS Teacher Website (Page Layout - Blank Web Part page) in SharePoint.   Here you will find different examples on how your teacher website can be set-up.  Typically this section would be a brief description/introduction of your class.



 MRMS Teacher websites are subsites of MRMS website.  Sites can contain libraries and lists.

  • Libraries are documents, images, and pages
  • List are announcements, calendar, and links
  • The page called "Default" is your teacher home page.   Do Not Delete

Libraries and Lists can be added to your teacher home page as a Web Part or as a label in your left hand navigation.  Some of the information on this site is displayed in multiple areas to show the different ways it can be displayed​.  To view other types of Web Parts, Edit page, click on "Add a Web Part" from any zone.  The other common Web Part I use is Media and Content, Content Editor.   This type of Web Part allows you to type text into a section of your page, as I have done here.


To get to your teacher website go to MRMS Home, click on teacher icon,
find your contact record and click on link under MRMS Teacher Site.



URL format for MRMS Teacher Website: (replace Firstname_Lastname with your name)



The pictures or icons used on this site are merely examples to show how you can customize your page with pictures that may relate to your team or class.


To get back to this page, my contact record can be found on MRMS Home, Contact Directory in left hand navigation.   On my contact record, click on "z-n/a" under MRMS Teacher Site.

 Summary Links i example

 Content Editor

The Summary Links Section above is another way to create links, but display them like a button, picture or icon.  Similar to what Cris does on the Library Page.  It can be added in any web part zone and can be customized and categorized in 1 or more columns.    Another example is to the right.

To do this...
1. Create images (the size above is 50X50 pixels)
2. Upload your images to your Image Library
3. Go back to your teacher home page, Edit page, Add Web Part, Content Rollup, Summary Links.
4. Go to Summary Links section - Here you can configure styles & layout, setup groups, add new links and reorder your links. 
Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
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