Physical Education

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The Physical Education program at Mountain Ridge Middle School strives to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, participation and skills that enable the students to be a life long learner. It is the intent of the Physical Education Department to develop skills for play during leisure time and activities that have a "carry over" value to adult life. Our program gives each student the opportunity to explore and experience several different activities from individual sports to team sports. Positive benefits result from these activities which contribute to the social, physical and mental development of the person as a whole. The program also encourages and assists students in developing and maintaining physical fitness through the introduction of exercise regimes and nutritional education. In the Physical Education program, we strive to create a health positive environment for student to experience new things without the fear of failure. 

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Barajas, TriciaPhysical Education Teacher(719) 234-8234Ms. Barajas
Kinsey, StevePhysical Education Teacher(719) 234-8585Mr. Kinsey
PE TeachersPhysical Education Teachers(719) 234-8234PE
Roman, J.R.Physical Education Teacher(719) 234-8737Mr. Roman
Tagatac, Mary JoHealth Room Clerk(719) 234-3243z-n/a
Whidden, SabrinaSchool Nurse(719) 492-0191z-n/a