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Try this only after searching on your own for awhile.
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For more information regarding College In Colorado, please visit our ICAP page.  
Account Name: mrmsstudentid#
Password: studentid#
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The Center for Teaching and Learning is a K-8 demonstration school dedicated to the development and dissemination of authentic, rigorous, and joyful methods for teaching across the curriculum. We seek to teach and influence both a cross-section of children of mid-coastal Maine and, through our intern program, presentations, and publications, classroom teachers throughout the U.S.
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CNN Student News
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​This award comes from teens in Colorado!

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ALEKS is a research-based, online program that offers course products for mathematics, business, science, and behavioral science. Using personalized learning and adaptive assessments, ALEKS quickly and accurately determines exactly what a student is most ready to learn. This unique approach to learning dramatically improves student performance and confidence.
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Password:try welcome1 or network password
As of the end of SY 2013-2014, the district no longer provides the Student Home Drive,  Google Drive is now the student data storage area.
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View, update student and househould information, sign student agreements, and sports registration.
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Parent/Student Portal Access
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Pay for activites and fees online.
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STAR Testing
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Download free e-books and audiobooks here!
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Learn to present like a pro!
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Get login information from your teacher.
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Sign in with Google. Use your D20 Google apps login,
which is or for teachers, it's Your regular D20 password.
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Mostly Math and Science
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​Get login information from your teacher.

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See the front page of newspapers from around the world and subscribe if you want more
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